Thursday, January 12, 2012

Window Tinting from O'Reilly - Checkers - Napa vs Professional Window Film - Tinting Dealers

Are you a "Do -It- Yourself"er?  Do you  take care of your vehicle maintenance yourself by changing your own oil, doing your own tune - up etc?
There are many people who are very knowledgeable and have the ability to save some money by doing certain things themselves, rather than pay a professional to do it for them.  Window tinting for your vehicle should not be one of those things you do yourself.
Sure, you can purchase window film from auto parts stores such as Napa and Checkers/ O'Reilly to install on your vehicle yourself, they will even sell you some tools to do it with.

Their films are sold in  2 to 3 shades and  2 to 3 different degrees of darkness.  You can purchase different sizes of material such as 2' x 6.5' (this will tint approximately 2 of your doors), and at Napa you can even buy 100 feet of 36" wide material.  For the rear window they sell 6" strips for "easy installation", this means you will apply multiple strips of film to the window to cover it, do you really want to have the "horizontal blind" effect on your back windshield?   If you manage to survive the frustration of doing it yourself, their films are warrantied for 90 days to 1 year.
There are certain things in life that are best left to the professionals; dry cleaning, tooth extraction, cosmetic surgery and AUTOMOTIVE WINDOW TINTING!

When you bring your vehicle to our Professional Automotive Window Tinting Facility , the frustration and stress are eliminated.  With  4 different quality window films, all of which come with a  lifetime warranty you don't have to break the bank, we can meet any budget.   All rear windows are done in ONE PIECE, they are not multiple pieces covering the window.  We also guarantee our installation!  Most importantly, your sanity is saved and you have  peace of mind knowing your vehicle tinting is the best quality product and installation you can buy.

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