Monday, January 31, 2022

Window Film U.S.A. and it's Affiliates Solve Sun Control, Energy and Fade Problems Across Country!

A Window Film company unlike any other...
Can only happen through the joined effort, experience and knowledge, of many successful dealers!

Made In The Shade Inc. and partner Window Film USA, is the natural evolution of window film from a local parochial business model, to a consumer focused Internet speed, national business. Attempted by others in the past, but poorly performed.

At the foundation of this model is David Ewing, President and CEO of Made In The Shade Inc. (in business since 1980!) with his 33 years of experience in the Window Film/Tint industry and another veteran, Mr. Mike Feldman. Who is President and CEO of Florida's Advanced Film Solutions. They met through their business dealings, while both working with 3M. 

David E Ewing is a former Advanced Certified Trainer for the 3M Company (for 12 years), and Mike Feldman was with 3M for 33 years; Feldman held numerous positions at 3M including National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film (Scotchtint and Scotchshield) for a few brief years.

Feldman retired from 3M in early 2007 as Florida's main Corporate Sales Representative, then with the encouragement, support and constant advisement of MR. Ewing, launched the hugely successful Advanced Film Solutions, which serves Tampa, and now the entire state of Florida.

Mike Feldman, has taken hold of the Florida market while David and Leslie Ewing maintain superior management of local MITS Inc. in Mesa AZ . 

Dealers like David E Ewing have been advantageous to Michael Feldman, in expanding his focus on the national launch of Window Film USA.Com.

The WF.U.S.A. goal is to offer our expertise in window films augmented by the widest and deepest array of Industry Leading Window Film Solutions and it's installation. This provides our clients with a concise analysis of the best fit for our customer's requirements rather than a "one size fits all" mode too many of our competitors continue to demonstrate. 
This philosophy had been capitalized on early on in David Ewing's ownership of MITS Inc.. 

In the mid and late 90's. Mr Feldman as a 3M rep often solicited Mr. Ewing to be solely 3M, but he often said, "that he would probably do the same as David and offer many Brands of Film to insure he solved the customer's problems,"

In particular we now (MITS INC. and Window Film U.S.A.) focus our window film/covering solutions as a counter to; the perception of cheap or low price and chose quality or innovation, and ignore simple brand loyalty. We choose objectivity and results for our diverse costumers!

This puts us in direct competition with the "stuck with 1 or 2 manufactures, dealer" and their business model. For Window Film USA and it's affiliates, that's exactly where we all wanted to be.

We cut through layers of sales mumbo jumbo and hyperbole and let's face it...LIES! To get to the solution of your REAL problem!

For Local Assistance with these needs: Films; Solar Control, Safety and Security, Designer and Graphic Film And Coverings; Exterior and Interior Roller Shades and Screens and Sun Screensall types of Window Blinds and Coverings and Shutters!) Please Contact us at:

Out of Phoenix Metro:
1-888-577-TINT (8468

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