Sunday, January 30, 2022

Is Your Home or Office Secure? Times are tuff and Crime is on the rise!

Over the years that I have lived in the Valley of the sun (34), I have often been astonished at peoples false since of security. Not locking doors and windows, having hidden spots around their home or office without security lights or other preventative measures. Leaving huge rocks by the windows for Burglars to use to break in! 

I call this mentality the "Vacation Syndrome" People are so happy to live here and they enjoy the weather so much that they slip into a state of comfort or euphoria. This coupled with normal day to day habits and complacency and you have a recipe for disaster! 

The Valley and the cities that make it up, have some of the highest crime rates in the country! Security of any building or vehicle needs to be a paramount concern to everyone! 
Below are a few frames of me breaking glass; it is from a show we did on TV. We called it "Will it break" , it was big fun and it consisted of us throwing things at the Safety and Security Film treated window until we got to something that broke it. We finally broke it with a big boulder and I then went at it with a sledge hammer and pry bar! The resulting noise after a minute was so loud from the neighborhood dogs, that it would have deterred a thief! I never got a hole big enough to stick my hand in!

This particular window had a maximum security film application: On the outside is; 6ml clear Safety Film with a 3/8" bead of Dow 995 Structural Adhesive attaching the film and glass to the metal frame. On the inside is a 4ml Sun Control Security Film with the Dow 995 Attachment. Even if this system were only on the inside, it is still formidable, and in fact is used for bomb blast mitigation throughout the world! Over the years we have applied this system to many different buildings belonging too, Governments entities, Business's of varied types and Homes!

Safety film can also be used to stop the glass from being tagged with graffiti and etching, and it will deter theft! Almost all films will hold the majority of Glass together when it brakes, and it stops all the UV to reduce fading and Safety Films can come in clear or Sun Control to reduce heat and light for Lowered Energy bills and increased comfort! What is it worth to you to protect your loved ones and your belongings!


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