Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Window Film Industry Embraces NFRC Ratings-Why That Matters!

Every industry needs standards to follow and most do and some times by several entities.

The Window Film Industry Embraces NFRC Ratings-Why That Matters | My Efficient Planet 

Window Film has the the International Window Film Association (I.W.F.A.), Nationals Fenestration Rating Council (N.F.R.C.), Association of Industrial Metalizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL)

Our Industry, in some cases has State mandated Government entities, such as we do in Arizona; The Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Obviously any business may be subject to state and city business laws.

Unfortunately at all levels of our industry people tell lies and mislead. Many Dealers do not have a Contractors License, Business License or Sales Tax License or Insurance!

Film Manufactures  make up their own statistics that are misleading and have nothing to do with true performance and are not rated by the N.F.R.C.!
We at Made In The Shade are the perfect choice!
  • We Pride ourselves on giving you Thorough, Honest and Helpful information! 
  • We have several of the highest N.F.R.C. rated films. 
  • We are Registered Contractors with the State of Arizona and have never had an unresolved complaint in 42 years! 
  • We are Members in Good standing with the I.W.F.A. and have I.W.F.A Certified Solar Control Experts and Safety and Security film experts on staff!
  • We offer a full line of Window Film TintingSun and Roller Screens and Graphics to offer the best solution possible! 
  • We have all adequate insurance coverage so you don't have liability!
  • We have experienced installers ready to give you a Quality installation!

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