Sunday, January 2, 2022

What Is POLARIZADO? Is it a Brand of window film/tint?

We get asked this question often at our Automotive center.

It is (Polarizado) as close as the Mexican language can get to Window Tint/Film I guess. 

This video above is what I picture the competitors popping up around me for the weekend behave like. 
They prop up a spray painted A Frame sign that says Polarizado. This weekend we simply put one up that says, " The Best Window Tint" with an arrow pointing to our store! 

We only sell the best for your Vehicle. The Best will not include Yahoos with spray painted signs. We usually end up fixing their cheap inexperienced and shoddy work! 

Our Automotive program is top notch and we are (Legal and Legit) dealers that are Factory certified and the Warranty is from the Manufacture in writing! It covers the film on the vehicle for full replacement (film and labor) if it were to Bubble, Peel, change color or fade for the Life of the vehicle and not just for as long as you get out the door of the building! 
Most manufactures only warranty the product for bubbling and peeling, ours includes coverage for fading and change of color! 

Made In The Shade offers an additional Scratch and Tear warranty for as long as you own the vehicle, for a small additional fee! 

We have been in Business for almost 43 years and our installers are Factory/Manufacture Certified. Our facilities are air conditioned and clean so only the best work leaves our shop. We pay our taxes and have all the necessary insurance coverage, because we are professionals! 

And one more thing...NO window film is not Polarized and Polarizado is not a Brand! 

For the BEST window film contact, Made In The Shade Inc at:
480-985-9293 Local
1888-577-TINT (8468) Out of Town

Made In The Shade Inc, 
Where YOU are the COOLEST!

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