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Comparisons: Made In The Shade Inc. Vs 3M Window Film


Made In The Shade Inc.  Vs 3M Window Film

Every aspect of Made In The Shade Inc. : the superior products we offer; the unmatched warranties, optical clarity, and the superior level of tests our films have passed; the varied Products we carry that can offer a full solution to your Solar Energy Problems; our installation capabilities, are all critically designed winning advantages.  It certainly doesn't hurt our cause that we know more about their films than the folks who represent them in your markets.
Let's review the balance sheet.

Consumers have heard of 3M.  They have been around more than 100 years. They make lots of innovative products and they have earned their place in the consumer's mind share.

If their window film was an industry leading product, If their films were superior in performance, durability or unique in some fashion that had applicability in your home or office, they would be a worthy adversary.

They are not.

Our hurdle is to demonstrate to our clients that  our Products and solutions are factually superior:

That these Film facts are documented with NFRC ratings and independent testing. That our choices are deeper and wider and that our estimates are exact and based on realistic cost parameters.

That we are offering fact over perception, reality over overpriced hype and Solutions over a single Brand!

SheerweavePhifer SunTex solar insect screening for windows and doors

Here's a short list of our Film advantages:

  • We offer Dual reflective films in more light transmissions from more manufactures including 5,8,13, 14, 18, 23, 25, 28, 30, 35, 38, 40 and 45% VLT's
  • Our EnerLogic or Low E film's have twice the insulating value compared to their limited LE Films.
  • Our Low E film's have a lifetime warranty while their warranty is 5 years.
  • Our Ceramic films are patented. It's a dual layer while theirs is a re-boxed single layer.
    Their ceramic is only available in a maximum 5 ft width and has a greater exterior and interior reflectivity with less heat rejection.
  • Our security films have passed the ASTM medium large missile test and small missile on residential applications.  Their tear resistant films (with the exception of a 6 ML clear films) can not pass these independent levels of performance and are limited to 60" widths.
  • Optical clarity? See for yourself but we'd be happy to do a side by side mock-up.
3M Prestige on each pictures left window Pane (the hazy panel) Advanced Ceramics on the Right Panes (The Clear Panes)

  • Our films can be cleaned with Windex. That canard by our 3M competition hasn't been true since the 1970's and  I would know since I was an Advanced Certified Trainer with the 3M Company for over 12 years!.  There is absolutely no advantage in the 3M hard coat versus our films. NONE. In fact we would love to show you the hard coat on their prestige films. Really. We have proof from years of warranty claims as a former 3M Dealer!
  • All films work better at an angle . Not just theirs, and no- -they did not invent a unique test to prove the obvious.  On that note, their prestige film does not block 97% of the entire infrared spectrum. Read their small print. 
  • The Total Prestige Line is not Safe for Dual Pane Glass! We have several Spectral Select Films that are Safe!
  • We offer more films that are rated higher by the N.F.R.C. in performance than 3M! Especially VKool!
So our challenge when we meet with our prospective clients, is to determine their needs and identify exactly why Made In The Shade Inc. has the better overall solution and therefore, value for our clients.
Call it busting myths!

The result:
We win! YOU Win!
Win! Win!
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