Friday, February 4, 2022

Made In The Shade and The City Of Chandler Work together to improve Safety, Comfort and Conserve Energy for It's People!

Made In The Shade Inc, has been working with the City of Chandler for a few Generations to solve Glazing problems. These following examples are what we have on computer but...we are 42 years old, so like many of my articles we can only provide information from what is either computerized (we were computerized when David Ewing bought the business in 1999) or by our memories!


 One of the largest was the City of Chandler Court House entry way. This job was bid on, year after year and then came the awful occurrence of 9-11. With the horrific terrorist act came the Homeland Security Act, and consequently many Bomb Blast Mitigation jobs followed. This job was particularly confusing because the facility manager we began to deal with retired and the new staff had to be totally reeducated about the whole process and the benefits of Films. We stuck with it and continually re-provided the same information every few months as we rebid the job. We were eventually awarded the job based on our experience and obviously the price. The issue with the main entry way, was mainly glare reduction and heat reduction for the security staff that are in the main entry way all day. 
The glare made it difficult to see the cameras and peoples faces and the heat was almost unbearable because the windows were floor to ceiling (30') and they were East, South and West exposure. The job purposed some sticky challenges; mainly that the City facility manager did not want us o use a lift, because she did not want to move the Security Equipment; so this meant using 30 foot extension ladders! Also we were only allowed to work a few hours on Saturdays. A Silver 4ml Safety Film was chosen for the job, and then Dow 995 was used to secure the film to the Glass and the metal frame. This was just in case of a bomb blast; this would keep the glass from flying in and killing security gaurds and other citizens. The Problem was Solved and the film and sealant are protecting occupants!


The Tumbleweed Tennis Center This project was also bid a couple of times and we won the contract based on our professionalism and ability to solve the Glare/Privacy issue with just the right film! A non reflective 5% light transmission film met the need!


The Tumble weed Recreation Centers new building was next! The issue here was too much heat and light and also a unique visual situation. Patrons of the upstairs exercise area had an ugly view of the roof and other equipment! Made In The Shade solved the problem with a decorative frost film! We solved the problem with the applied product and were promptly paid by the City Of Chandler. 


We have filmed many of he Commercial buildings in Down town Chandler, in the Historic district. We needed to use Neutral films that did not look horribly reflective to keep the aesthetic appearance the Chamber of Commerce and Zoning were looking for.

Thank You City of Chandler, Business Owners and residents for allowing us to meet your Window Film  and Tinting and Window Covering Needs! We want to solve your Glazing Solar Energy Problems! Please contact us for Free Helpful and Honest Information Today! 

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