Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madico, Inc.Current Certified Window Films For Residential Tax Credit Offered by Made In The Shade

Madico Window films Currently Certified for Residential Tax Credit by Climate Zones: Climate Zones 1-3 Only Dual Pane Clear or Tinted Glass SRS 220 SRS 220 - EXSR 4 Mil SRS 220 8 Mil SRS 220 Climate Zones 1-3 and 4 Excluding Marine 4 Dual Pane Low E Clear or Tinted Glass Under 13Sq. Feet SRS 220 SRS 220 ESXR 4 Mil SRS 220 8 Mil SRS 220 Climate Zones 1 - 3 Dual Pane Lowe E Clear or Tinted Glass Argon Filled SRS 220 SRS 330 RS 440 SB 25 SB 35 SB221 SB331 SL180 SL 280 SL 380 SG220 SG330 TSG335 DG35 DG45 NG20 SL180 EXSR List will be updated as more Madico Films are Certified for the Residential Tax Credit! 
Click here to see Climate Zone Map!

Local 480-985-9293
Out of Valley: 1-888-577-TINT

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