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City Of Tempe Community Centers

We have been doing installations of window film for the City of Tempe on many of it's facilities for many years and it has been a very rewarding relationship on many levels, and more than just financial. The City has a great mission to its people and community and the staff are always respectful and professional. We usually give special pricing, because of the quality and importance of their mission. Listed here are several of those installations!


Our most recent installation was on the Multi Generational Community Center In North Tempe . The problem was the glare coming through these high (20 to 35 feet) windows facing East and south. People working out in the exercise area and working in the information area were blinded for several hours every day. The facility manager Rick Olafont had used MITSInc. on several occasions to solve other issues in the building with other films (Frost/Decorative and Sun control) and had us out 3 years in a row to measure and estimate this job. Rick had to convince his superiors that window film was going to solve the problem. In our meetings with the staff at the facility we discussed several possible solutions such as exterior sunscreens, huge automated interior sunscreen roller shades and window films
Prices were given for automated roller shades and window films. It was decided window film was the best choice for the problem and we then agreed upon the correct tint and shade of window film. We decided on the Starlite 180 from Madico Inc. This Dual Reflective film cuts over 92% of the visual glare, 99.9% of the harmful UV rays and 74% of the heat on the single pane units and 54% on the dual pane units. 
The installation posed many challenges to MITS Inc. and its crew; The network of steel beams meant we would have to move the lift several times and the exercise area pictured above was located under the first set of windows. We had to re route traffic and be careful of patrons too! The height also meant the bucket was going to sway, but thanks to Sunbelt rentals we had the right tool for this job. 
The job was started at 8:30 am on a Sunday and finished that evening (Lift out of the building) by 6PM. Approximately 1000 square feet were installed. The message on my Voice Mail from Rick the following week was worth all the hard work! "David the film works great and is doing exactly as you said, and as we had hoped, and it looks great! Good Job and thanks!" I still get goose bumps when I get that response from our customers! 
The film will pay for its self in a couple of years just in energy conservation! That is a real Eco bonus and Green Solution!

Kiwanis Park Installations:        


We have applied Blackout and Decorative films on the pro shop (we in fact just returned to do more on the Newly Remodeled Pro Shop!) lower windows of the main entrance, Suncontrol films on the rooms at the front of the building facing West, Decorative film on the Life guard facilities for changing and break room privacy, and two way mirror on many observation windows in the Pool Area at the facility at Kiwanis park

Escolante Community Center 


The Escalante community center is where our relationship really began with the City of Tempe and its Community centers. The facility manager Kieth was a lot younger and so was I! The initial problem (and installation...LIFT WORK) we were called for was similar to the issues of the North Tempe facility. They had huge Glare issues at the front counter due to the south sun every winter, every day. Back then all we had was 3M film and good old silver (we have a much better and more diversified selection now). We later used that same film on the hallway by the pool to tame the energy from the west sun as it hit the windows directly and as it bounced of the water. We also have applied Decorative films to several rooms for privacy. I am so thankful I met Kieth and we began that relationship some 11 or more years ago! It has been a rewarding and yes profitable relationship, but really it is a great feeling to meet these folks needs...we have huge respect for what they do every day. Thanks Kieth!!! 

West side Multi Generational Community Center


One Good Thing Leads To Another! This facility was a direct result of Escolante and was a similar glare issue over the entry way. A Bronze film was used.

Tempe Fire Dept

Although this facility was not a referral from the community centers, the references did not hurt in getting the job! It was a normal bidding process, but our expertise in safety film quickly shown through! At that time I was bleeding 3M red and was a 3M Advanced Certified Trainer, and was pushing the 3M Ultra Films!
This was also a time of heightened alert because of 9-11 and the location was not the safest neighborhood. Safety film was a must and so was Sun control window film. A neutral 4 ml film was chosen to solve the heat glare and safety issues of the good old (NEW) Firehouse!
These are a few of the many projects we have been involved with for the City of Tempe. We have lost track of a few we have done in the shuffle (and computer glitchs), but these are all close to my heart. We appreciate the work and we are so grateful that everyone we have dealt with has been professional and courteous, AND reffered us to others! 
The City of Tempe has done a fine Job in their community! Thanks to all at the City of Tempe and remember that all of you that are City Of Tempe Employees receive the normal Previous Customer Discount; this means you recieve 20 to 50% off all Vehicle and RV products and installation, and 10 to 40% of all Window Film/Tint, Window Coverings, Blinds Shades, Screens on your Home or Office! 
See our Blog Archive for more Info! All you need to do is provide proof that you are a City of Tempe Employee to receive these Great Discounts! 
We will posting more about other great cities we have been blessed to do work for! Pretty much every city in the Valley and several in the State of Arizona! 
If you have Energy Control or other issues that we can help solve with these various product: 
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