Friday, February 4, 2022

Window Film and Coverings for The City Of Gilbert

 We have done several window film projects for the City of Gilbert and even more for it's residents! We offer Valley Wide Service but because our main office is in the East Valley it only makes sense that we have a huge Gilbert customer base. We have taken the big jobs and the little and the old buildings and new. We have met many window tint-film and covering needs in Gilbert for over 30 YEARS!


All of the life guard stations at the City Pools were in dire need of Window Film! The people inside were cooking because of the east west exposure and the Life guards had no privacy. They also were not able to see all areas of the pool at certain times of the day and this was a hazard. We recommended a dark Dual Reflective film SL 180 that gives the Life Guards daytime privacy, but they can see out! 
The heat reduction is 74% and the glare reduction is 92% and of course (as with any professional grade film) all (99.9%) of the UV is stopped! Another big plus is that if the Glass is broken the film will hold it together! Safety Films are also available in Sun Control versions!


 Gilbert schools have been happy with our products and services as well! Highland High School has had us out to solve problems a few times. It is usually due to heat and glare. We must be solving the problem because they refer us and keep calling us! And again with children around the benefit of protecting from broken or flying glass is a nice safety bonus that only film can offer! 
Thanks to all the people of Gilbert and we appreciate the referrals! If you need us to solve your Solar Energy problems, please let us help you find the correct combination of Film, Coverings or Screens for Your Home Office Vehicle or RV! 

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