Friday, August 27, 2010

Window FIlm USA and Made In The Shade Inc.

I had a wonderful meeting today with my great friend and mentor Mike Feldman. It was good to know he is happy and healthy!

It was also nice to solidify our business relationship! Window Film USA has been a great asset to us here in the Valley in winning work from our competitors. It is like having a whole market share added to ours! If there is a customer that does not find us and finds WF USA, we know we will be doing the installation for Mike and Window Film USA after he kicks the competitors but!

We also benefit from the films they carry that we may not, and can offer our customer's any film they want! This works out great for the customers because either company alone offers decades of business knowledge and experience, but just imagine the benefits of pooling our resources to meet the customers needs!

We like this deal so much more than the turn key days with 3M when they kept all the profit, and when 3M made us deal with Window Film Depot, again for substandard pay.

Thanks Window Film USA for your generosity and fairness!

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