Friday, December 23, 2011

We are a Window Tinting and Covering company and we were founded by Mormons but we Serve All Race, Color and Creed!

Okay so I am taking advantage of political campaign marketing, but what I am saying is true!

Our company was originally founded by Hartly Turley in 1980 and sold to his father Newel Turley in 1991-92 and David Ewing (myself) the current owner was hired in the spring of 1992 and purchased the Company in 1998.

Newel and I were very close and even though Newel is a devote Mormon and I am a Christian we had a common belief that treating people good and operating with integrity is the paramount key to success and happiness! We didn't waste time trying to convert people or each other to our separate religions rather we worked towards attaining customers and meeting their needs and made it a friendly and enjoyable experience. 

Not sure who will be the next President or any elected official but I will vote for who has the best Qualifications to do the job! That is all we are asking of you, is to judge us based on our performance and offerings and overall qualifications!

So come one and come all! No matter your Race, Creed, Nationality or religious belief we want to be your Window Film-Tinting (Home Auto Office and RV) and Covering (Commercial and Residential) Experts for life!

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Made In The Shade Inc. 
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