Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why Do I Need My Car Tinted in the Winter?

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona does experience "winter"! This morning temperatures were down to 38degrees.

We all know that in the summer our autos must be tinted to make driving bearable, however, many auto owners don't think about window tinting or the importance of it when the weather is cooler outside. The benefits of window tinting are the same no matter what season it is, and there are good reasons to tint the windows of your vehicle in the winter.

  • Even though the sun's heat is not as intense,the sunshine is still harmful!
  • Window tinting on your auto will provide 99% UV reduction protecting the interior and your skin. 
  •  Your daytime driving will also be safer and more comfortable due to the GLARE reduction provided by window tinting. 
  • Another benefit of window tinting on your vehicle is the privacy it will provide. Because there are various shades to choose from, you can achieve the amount of privacy you prefer.

We offer traditional dyed films for a non reflective inexpensive choice, hybrid metal films in two price ranges for higher heat reduction, and state of the art carbon/ceramic films which are guaranteed not to interfere with the gadgets in your glass, and they have a non reflective appearance. These films come in multiple shades of darkness from virtually transparent to limo dark, ensuring a perfect fit for any vehicle or budget.

Automotive window tinting is a great gift idea, show how much you care and pick up your Gift Certificates for family and friends any time. We also have a Discount Voucher/Coupon Page on our site!
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