Friday, February 4, 2022

How Will I Spend my Phoenix, Arizona Tax Return? How about Window Film Tint?

This year make the smart decision on how to spend your tax refund.  Make the only decision that will make you money!

Many consumers anticipate a tax refund every year, and every year the question is the same, What will I do with the money?  There are always special sales promotions trying to lure us to spend the money on everything from a new car to painting our house.  Some plan for vacation or a special treat for themselves, new clothes, shoes, expensive night out on the town, etc.
Some of us practical people plan and prepare for home improvements and upgrades that we feel are important.  This is a good cause, but how much are you going to get out of the new counter tops in the kitchen?  Is the color of the carpet really that horrible that you just can't live with it any more?

There is only one thing that you can do for your home this year that will provide immediate money savings and actually make you money, that is the installation of WINDOW TINT!

Left - untinted,  Right - tinted
Home window tinting reduces both glare and heat, reducing your energy costs.  It doesn't have to be a dark tint to do that - it can be clear - so you don't even know its there.  Applied to the insides of your windows, home window tinting can reduce heat gain by keeping the sun and its harmful rays for getting into your house.  You'll also have less fading on your drapes, furniture and carpet because those harmful UV rays are reduced.

Most homeowners spend about 60 percent of their total energy bill on heating and cooling, so reducing those costs even by a little can mean a lot overall.  Energy savings aren't restricted to summer months.  In the winter, tinted window will help retain heat, keeping it for leaking out the windows.  Savings and protection vary based on the type of film you install, and how many windows you tint.  Professionally installed window tint will save you enough on cooling and heating costs to eventually pay for itself and start putting that money back in your pocket.

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