Thursday, February 3, 2022

Are You Ready to Make The Smart Choice and Purchase Energy Saving Window Films/Sun Screens/Coverings?

Are you about to make a purchase, remodel or upgrade in your home? With High Energy Cost and Low Home Values you need Green Energy Saving Products that will put $$ Money $$ back in your pocket; you need to spend your money on things that will give you a return when it is time to sell your house and BEFORE!

If your next major purchase is a pool, you are throwing major money away, ask any lender! Your pool will lose value; as well as any major appliance in your home. 
A pool can't help you in your house and neither can beautiful landscaping! 

Even Kitchen and Bathroom remodels will not be giving the payback you will need for several years, if ever! Do you really need to have a new kitchen counter or bathroom tile replaced because it is not stylish? 
Do you really need to go out to dinner or buy new cloths? Isn't your 65" screen TV, big enough? Remodels do not normally give a 100% return and in this economy it is guaranteed, to not give you payback for many years to come! 

You might as well be flushing your money with some expensive energy products such as Solar Panels and Windows!

They have a payback but it is slow and takes many years. While we may be stuck in our homes for many years to come, to recoup values, we probably will not be staying in the homes for 10-20 years or more, to get our money back on this type of improvement; even with a tax credit. 

I can understand improving your home and making it more comfortable, but this is a time to think practically! 
If your water heater goes out, by all means it makes sense to replace it with a solar water heater! If a major appliance quits on you and the repairs do not make sense, then it is time to replace it with a modern energy efficient model! 

The biggest return is now on, making your home more energy efficient. You can save money from lower energy usage and there are Tax Credits for many products! This means you can get payback from the credit, the energy savings and from protecting your belongs against Fading and Heat Damage; All for a fast payback on your initial investment!

That's the beauty of Window Film, Sun Screens and Coverings! You have always been able to get your money back from energy savings alone in 3.5 to 7 years on any building; these figures do not include the savings you get from protecting items in your building from fading and sun damage!

Even your most expensive Spectral Select films will give you a quick payback because of the lowered emissivity coupled with the immediate solar energy rejection the film provides. Sometimes it is better to have a Spectrally Select film that allows in more visible light so you do not need the interior lighting that will add to your heat problem. 

It is like we are handing you money when we put film on your building! Many films will help keep heat in when you are heating in the winter, so they are working for you all day, all year! The glass in your home no matter the type is your biggest problem or weakest link as far as energy control; this is even on the most energy efficient home! 

If you were to have window film applied to your buildings windows, you will save money immediately and after a short period, you will make money that will help pay for these other things you want! You will also protect the improvements and items you have already paid for, and you and others can enjoy increased personal comfort in the building because of:
  • Reduced energy swings in the buildings (Hot and Cold)
  • Reduced Glare looking out of your windows, and when inside while reading or watching TV or just trying to see someones face in the room!
  • Enjoy privacy with darker films!
  • Enjoy the light without the heat with Spectral Select Films!

    It doesn't take a scholar to figure out what you need to do, to make the long term responsible decision...Window Film installed by... 

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