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Which Window Tint-Film Do I Need For my Building?

This question is often posed to the staff of Made In The Shade Inc., You want a simple answer, but what we give is a wealth of valuable information!

Your in Luck! We have the Knowlege your looking for!
First we need to determine the customer’s needs, and what they want a film to accomplish for them.

We have several films to chose from, and there are many types of glass, and each persons problem and aesthetic taste can vary. 
If you tell us that you want to cut a lot of glare and make a room dark, then we need to know if you have single pane or dual pane insulated glass. 
If you have dual pane units, then you will have to go more reflective (exterior appearance) and or lighter, to prevent from cracking the glass! 
If it is single pane, then we can block 95% of the light without any reflectivity with nominal risk to your glass.

We help you manage the Light to your needs!
If you tell us it is most important that you reduce heat and energy cost, then we will ask you how much light are you willing to give up?

We can give you superior heat reduction with Dual Reflective 15% light transmission films, that will cut 85% of the light and 48% of the heat on dual pane, or 70% of the heat on single, but it may have as much 37- 44% reflected light for a gray look outside in. 
You can get almost the same results on single pane with a less reflective (exterior appearance), dark Neutral metal film that you can’t use on dual pane. 

Because of  Avery Dennison, VKool, Madico's   and Sunteks remarkable technology’s, we can give you films that only block 60% of the light but have the same, or better heat reduction on either glass (dual or single), with little to no reflectivity! 

This is amazing technology from VKool , Avery Dennison, Madico (Advanced Ceramic) films and Suntek! With these film’s we can give you up to 70% light transmission (virtually clear) and stop over half the heat on single pane, and 45%+ on dual pane! These amazing films, come in shades of 30/40/50/60/70 percent light blocked, with little to no reflectivity. 
These Spectral Select Films stop as much or more heat than films like; Dual Reflective or Night Vision films which are 2 to 3 times darker and have 8% to 56% reflectivity.

If you say that
Safety/Security is the highest priority then we have different thickness of film's and different solar performance values, and they may be clear or very dark for fantastic energy control and security benefits.

These films make Breaking and entering through a window a pane (no pun intended) for burglars, and save lives during explosions!

The plus is they will enhance views and cut energy cost up to 50%, while providing this life saving and possession, protection!

There are also almost endless choices of Decorative films from a stained glass look to frosted patterns and metal textures.

We can also create Graphics to tell your story! These films also provide great privacy along with the aesthetic value of a specialty window, or you can benefit from advertising for your business or occasion! 
They also greatly help reduce fading because like all of the films, they reduce 99 plus percent of the UV rays!
I think it is most important to know that Made In The Shade , using the correct Window Film, can improve the performance of any glazed unit, and all of the films stop 99.9% of the UV rays! So they all do an exceptional job of fade reduction.
Additionally these products are warranted for as long as you own a home and for 10/12/15 (Graphics Vary) years commercially.

For more helpful and honest information, Please contact us: 
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1888-577-TINT (8468) out of Town

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