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Window Tinting for Paradise Valley and Mountain Homes


It is not just the beautiful view or that he is higher on the mountain than his neighbors.
The heat was so bad with the southeast, south, southwest and west facing windows it was hard for the homeowner to find a comfortable place in the house. The master bedroom, family room, kitchen, breakfast nook and also the den were unbearable from sunrise until mid day.
Then the afternoon sun tortured them in the exercise room, family room (the family room has huge amounts of east and west facing glass) and all other bedrooms facing west. The detached guest house was hot all day long! The glare was so bad that the views could not be enjoyed even if they were able to stand the heat in the rooms, and the window coverings had to be closed all day!

The film chosen for this job was a Spectral Select 40% Light Transmission, VK 40 (We recommend; Avery Dennison Elite 40, Suntek Ultra Vision 40, Vkool 40 or Madico Advanced Ceramic 3000) it cut 99.9% of the damaging Ultra Violet light, almost 60% of the glare and the VKool 40 cut 98.3%% of the remaining Infrared thermal energy. It immediately began cooling rooms throughout the house from 5 to 15 degrees while enhancing the view, not distorting it! 

With the infrared reducing films, the visible light remains so rooms were not made to dark or cave like, and they are able to keep the window coverings open most of the day!

With heat reductions like that and over 1400 Square feet of glass, and a few thousand square feet of building to heat and cool the savings will be significant! We estimated with an energy analysis program, that the job will be paid for in energy savings in 5 years or less! Now lets factor in the cork wood floors; wood cabinets; furniture and Art. Then let us not forget personal comfort because you can now stand to be in any room you want all day! The film and installation is ALREADY PAID FOR!

Whatever type of windows you have, window film can improve glass performance in many ways on any of these types of windows: Clear or Factory tinted Dual pane Insulated glass, (that may be Low E or Low E squared), Factory Tinted or Clear Single Pane, and even Reflective or High Performance Glass.

Window film can be dark or light and give you great heat reduction! You can keep the light with choices of 40, 50,60 and 70% light allowed in, and have no reflectivity (interior or exterior) with the Spectral Selective Infra Red reducing films, that provide heat reductions of 33 to 80%!

If you like it darker, we offer Dual Reflective Night Vision films (no interior reflectivity) that will give light reductions of 55,65,75,85,93 or 95 percent! These type of films have heat reductions varying from 25 to 84 percent and they have a light neutral to dark grey appearance, and they of course stop all the damaging UV rays!

MITS Inc. also offers a full line of security films for theft deterrent, Bomb blast protection and exterior films for protection against Graffiti and other damage to the glass of your Home or Office. Safety films are available in Sun Control or clear and in many different shades and thickness as well. 

Also available are decorative films that offer different frost textures or other patterns!

MITS also offers several lines of Exterior Roller Shades and Screens and Exterior Sunscreens!

These are just a few of the fine series of products Made In The Shade has to offer! Made In The Shade has been partnering with Manufactures for over 42 years and has been serving the Valley with Integrity Since 1980!

Dealers Like David are hand picked by film companies like Llumar, Madico, Solargard, Suntek, VKool, Geo Shield, and Avery Dennison  for reasons like: 
  • Integrity
  • offering good customer service
  • actually having a written business plan
  • having a contractors license (they have never had a unresolved complaint against them!) 
  • maintaining adequate insurance for liability.
David is unique among film dealers:
  • he was an Advanced Certified Trainer for the 3M company for many years, and has done training for them as well as helped in the research and development of films many times since the mid 90’s, with several film manufactures! 
  • David and several of his staff are also Certified by the International Window Film Association as Sun Control and Security Film Experts. 
  • They are members of the I.W.F.A.  and are in good standing.                               

Reduce annoying glare and Enhance your views!

For more information on how you can solve your glass problems such as: 
  • Heat Reduction
  • Glare Reduction
  • Fade Reduction
  • Energy Savings 

Call Today and our MITS Inc Certified Professional Installers can get the film on so you can be Green and Save Green$$ NOW!
Lifetime Warranty/Professionally Installed!

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