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Safety Film, Security Film, Sun Control Safety Film, Safety Security and Energy Control for The City of Phoenix, Coconino County Arizona and the U.S.A. Armed Services!

We all under estimate the risk we are constantly exposed too and the need for Security at work, around our homes  and in our vehicles. Attacks like 9-11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing make it apparent that dangers lurk and are ready to pounce! 

We all will be a victim of theft at some point in our lives, thankfully not all will suffer directly from the attacks of a cowardly terrorist, but it is more and more likely we will be affected by a violent crime during our lifetime.

We at Made In The Shade Inc. take requests for Safety and Security Films serious as well as our technical Knowledge of Security Systems. We are Certified with the I.W.F.A. as Safety and Security Film Experts and We often have worked with other Contractors, Various Gov entities and Security Company's to help secure and make safer, they and their clients buildings and vehicles.
The Following are several examples of work we have been Honored to do:

The City Of Phoenix New Crime Lab! 

This building was designed with security in mind, a Virtual Fort!

What you don't see here is that you can't get close to any of the Window's either due to Barricades or the 20 foot wide expanse that drops down 20 feet!

We added another layer of protection to the Entry way windows and all first floor street side windows. A
4ml Safety/Security Sun control Film attached on all 4 sides with a Dow 995 (1/2 inch bead) was the choice for protection! This System we installed is designed to keep the Glass, Film and Frame all attached together in case of a Bomb Blast!! Cutting utility cost was an added benefit! The installation took 3 men two days.

Coconino County, Arizona has provided us work for several years! It started with the Historic Superior Court in Downtown Flagstaff.
The project took 4 men 7 days working 8 hours a day! The City and surrounding beauty were a bonus for the crew!

This is how she looked originally, before the additions and changes!

This is the most beautiful building I ever had the honor of working on! The original part of the building has been meticulously restored inside and out! Whatever was to be used on this Gem was not to distract from it's original look!
The whole interior surface of the windows on the west, south and east side has a 4ml 50% light transmission,
Neutral Metalized Safety and Security Film, with a 3/8th to 1/2 inch bead of Dow 995! All North windows have 4 ml clear with attachment. All lower floor Exterior Windows have a 7 ml Anti Graffiti film 
(This film helps protect against etching and breaking) with a 4 sided Dow 995 (1/2 inch bead) attachment! 
The end result is Maximum Security and Fade protection (For all of the antique woods and art)with Energy Savings too! 

Additions were added throughout the years that were more of a typical commercial look. With vast expansive walls of glass; Inefficient Energy wasting glass.

All the commercial Glass posed a security threat for
bomb blast and Breaking and entering! Thanks to the security film we already have a foiled breaking and entering at this location! We pray there will never be a Bombing!

Williams AZ Court House was our next Installation for Coconino County!

The same type of installation was used for this Justice Center that was used on the Flagstaff building, except Sun Control Safety Film was used on all sides! The installation took two men two days!

We have gone as far north as the Utah/AZ border to do the Little Court House in Freedonia, AZ with the same type of installation! They have already benefited from lowered demand on the Air conditioner and thus lowered cost! The savings will pay for the installation in just a few years!

We have been happy to go where ever The Coconino Staff has asked us to! We have been to Tuba City to apply Safety and Security film to the Public Library to protect against a serial thief!

The United States Marine Barracks in Yuma AZ!

We were honored to receive the contract to apply a 4 ml
Safety and Security Film to the Marine Barracks in the Yuma, AZ Base! We went 3 times with a 5 man crew for 10-12 hours and did a building each trip! We were the last contractor to install their product on each remodeled building! The film is in place to protect our soldiers from flying glass in case of a blast or earthquake!

Back a few years ago we were honored with the Installation of Safety and Security film on our Armed Service Recruiting Centers! We were a 3M dealer at the time and I was a 3M Advanced Certified Trainer. These multiple installations were a significant challenge! Each location was in different Cities or in different parts of each city, (Albuquerque had 12!) and the installations had to be during working hours! 

When the film is attached with the Dow 995, it is usually a two day installation. The contract demanded that any windows filmed that day had to be Caulked that day and everything put back (Coverings, furniture) in it's proper place. Sometimes this meant blow drying the film edges so we were able to tape before we caulked with the huge bead!

The Film and system chosen: 6ml Clear or 6ml 50% Neutral Metalized Films with an attachment; 1/2 inch bead of Dow 995.
We did more recruiting centers (with 0 returns) than any dealer in the U.S.A., and we covered more territory than any dealer. Doing Installations in: AZ, NM,CO,TX, IL, and Indiana!

We worked closely with another "X 3M guy", Mike Feldman who now is retired from 3M and is the CEO of Advanced Film Solutions in Tampa/Clearwater, Florida . We worked so well with Mike the years we were together at 3M that we helped with consultation during his start up, and then to Form Window Film U.S.A. We are proud to say we are a part of the Network of dealers Nation Wide that supports W.F.U.S.A.!

These are just a few of our favorite Safety-Security-Graffiti Film installations. The list is long, too long to include them all, and some can not be mentioned for security reasons. We were proud to be a part of all of these installations and we will be honored to serve you!

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