Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Curing Your Window Panes!

Has this ever happened to you? 

You are sitting in your beautiful home, looking out your favorite view window, and you can’t enjoy it because of the painful visual glare and heat or its late afternoon and you want to watch the sun set and the city lights start to appear, but you can’t because of the blinding glare and extreme heat blazing through the windows! This is even more upsetting because you remember that this morning you wanted to enjoy reading your favorite paper or book at the table or breakfast nook, but you could not; it was too hot and the glare was so bad you couldn't see what was on the pages. 
All this is in addition to the huge power bill that came in the mail, and your favorite new piece of furniture, flooring or artwork that has already faded!

How about your office at work? You and your co workers cannot see your monitor each day because you have either sun blaring on your screen or in your eyes, not to mention because of huge temperature swings, your side of the office is blazing in the morning to the extent you want to strip down to your skivvies and the people on the other side are thinking about wearing parkas! The sad thing is you dread what will happen later in the day when you will have the icicles forming from your previously dripping sweat.

To Cold!

To Hot!

Perhaps you own a restaurant and each day you lose a portion of your seating because of heat or glare! Maybe you own the business or building and you are sick of huge power bills and sunburned dry heaving tenants or workers!

“Well fret no longer, Made In The Shade Inc. has come to the rescue,”! With Innovations from Film companies like: Llumar, Madico, Solargard, Vista, Huber Optic, VKool, Suntek, Geo Shield, 3M and Window Covering Companies like: Hunter Douglas, Skandia, Home Decor; you can enjoy that sunset in comfort, with an enhanced view because, the film has removed harmful glare by 30 to 90 percent, and 99.9 percent of the dangerous UV rays are removed for your skins safety and your possessions protection from dry rot and fading. You are now comfortable in your home or office because 50% to 80% of the heat has been reduced. 

Don’t you deserve to, Get the light and not the heat?! You’ll get all of your money back from this investment on Energy Conservation alone in as little as 2 to 3 years, and rarely longer than 7 years. That is not factoring in; you’ll probably at the very least, double the life of all your precious art, furniture, wood and fabrics. And let us not forget about how the film or coverings will protect our skin against harmful UV rays that can be cancer causing!

Many Films Have this logo on the box!

For you business or building owners; you will have more productive workers because they are comfortable! Your tenants or customers will love you because you made them more comfortable and you cared enough to do something about it! A happy worker is a productive worker!

Made In The Shade has been in business for over 42 years solving Window Pane problems. They are a window film/covering leader due to their great innovation and integrity. 

Made In The Shade Inc. gives a written labor guarantee and uses only factory certified installers. The owner, Dave Ewing, was an Advanced Certified Trainer for the 3M company for over 12years, He knows Film! The company is licensed, bonded and an active certified member of the International Window Film Association.

If you have experienced any of the problems described, We want to help solve your problem Now!
YOU can save 10 to 40 PERCENT OFF by contacting Made In The Shade, and letting them help You, solve YOUR Window Pane solar energy problems today! 

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