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Guitar Center, Walgreens, Churchs and Library's benefit from Frost Film, Black Out Film, Decorative and Designer Films, Graphics

We have had the privilege to work on some innovative Designer/Decorative film and Graphics projects over the years, here are a few I had pictures of. This really does not scratch the surface of our entire works but Cool just the same!

MESA 1ST BAPTIST CHURCH This was a fun project I did 10 years ago! The windows were bigger than Sun control film roll sizes, so we improvised with a Frosted Rice Paper border and the Stain Glass Did the rest! Glare and heat was the initial problem problem solved, and this beautiful design was an added benefit!
Out side in, Rice Paper Frost, Stained Glass and Sun Control Film

Inside out, Rice Paper Frost, Stained Glass and Sun Control Film


it Was Important for the developer to salvage the classy Tuscon design he had envisioned! The doors are on the back of the suites and they all were in the tenant parking lot facing each other. Tenants belongings were visible from the outside and made the building look un kept. The frost also provided added benefits of Heat Reduction, Glare Reduction and UV protection! Now that inventory was no longer visible from outside Security was an unintended added benefit!

Frost film to hide the contents of every ones warehouse suites

The whole plaza had this film applied!

The project goal was to manage the light within the sanctuary. Church goers and Clergy alike were getting headaches from glare! Frost Film like this stops about half the visible light and all the UV light and an added bonus is the 40% heat reduction!

Outside in view of a Light Frost

Inside view,Frost Film to control the light indoors. 

Thankfully this was cut with the plotter! This design with Frost Film was installed on interior glass partition walls and windows facing the exterior. The open outdoor feeling and look was the goal.

Pretty Birds on the trees!

Office partition glass wall with Frost Film Design

Outside in with Trees and Birds Design in Frost Film

This project was completed back in 2006 with a simple frost film before we had a plotter to pre cut designs. We cut all of this by hand with rulers! Came out nice and only took two men three hours.

Inside conference room looking out

Outside Conference room looking in

This project was started in late May of 2013 and completed in stages by the beginning of July. We had to work around the construction process. The need was to hide the walls that were to be built over the windows inside from view, outside looking in. Originally the architect had specified Blackout on these windows but that will crack the double pane glass and if it did not crack it, most assuredly it would cause premature seal failure due to extreme heat build up. And these were big expensive windows! 
We recommended and installed the Double Frost or 3M San Marino Decorative Film on the double pane units to the sides and Blackout on the single pane above the showcases and entrance. The outside looks great as you can see. Go to any Guitar Center to see the inside and it will blow your mind! Just the inventory alone!

Inside out of Frost Film as it is being installed

Frost Film on far right and left and Blackout above entrance and showcases on each side

The choices of Designer and Decorative films are immense! You can make glass look like expensive custom glass for substantially less! 
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